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All about Barn Dancing

Country Barn Dances, have a relaxed, family like atmosphere where the emphasis is on dancing and listening to a live band. For many dancers the live music is the great attraction. New England and American Old Timey traditional tunes comprised of reels, jigs, and hornpipes form the basic repertoire. Bluegrass, Scottish, Irish, French Canadian, and Cape Breton tunes are also played.

For over two centuries, New England has become home to a unique style of dance and music called Contra. Contra dancing is also known as New England style dancing or barn dancing. At a barn dance, the caller teaches a mix of circle, square and contra dances. Rooted on traditional dance tunes from Ireland, Scotland, and England, the music has evolved to include influences from Quebec, Cape Breton and Europe. Music is provided by a live band which typically includes fiddles, keyboards, guitar, whistle, flute, banjo and drum. Musicians play traditional jigs, reels, waltzes and polkas.
The Caller teaches the pattern of each dance before the music begins and then calls the movements to the music. The steps are easy and beginners can jump right in. You and your partner dance a series of movements with another couple and then move on to dance the same pattern with a new couple and so on until you have danced with all the couples in your set. The dances are open to everyone young and old. Beginners are always welcome and it is not necessary to bring a partner.
We encourage people to come and dance or just enjoy watch the dancers and enjoy the music.



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