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My name is "Aisling" which is gaelic and is pronounced "Ashling"

enjoying music with my cousins and session friends at The Lady Gregory in Co. Tipperary, April 2011

MUSICVisions provides clients with professional celtic, folk and traditional musicians and bands for every occasion.

I have created Celtic MUSICVisions to represent the musicians and bands I perform with and promote. Musicians can be hired solo, duo , trio and in full band arrangements.

I love to organize, coordinate and promote musical entertainment for all kinds of special events , including concerts, parties, festivals, workshops, ceilis, barn dances and weddings.

I was born in Dublin, Ireland where I visit several times a year. I have always had a great love for irish music and love to play tin whistle, bodhran and sing . On frequent visits to Ireland I enjoy going to irish music festivals, and performing and playing in pub sessions with musician friends and family.

I enjoy organizing and coordinating musical events as much as I enjoy playing music.The creation of MUSICVisions marks the beginning of bringing my music visions to life. If you are looking for the right music for your special occasion, I would be happy to help you . Please contact me and together we can explore your options.

A few comments from happy clients


We just had the "Boston Rovers" to our home for a 50th birthday
celebration. What a fantastic performance - they played into the well into
evening. My guests were dancing and singing along! The Boston Rovers
absolutely made our celebration such a fun party. I felt very lucky to
have got them booked. My phone calls were promptly returned and also email
was another a great way to communicate. We highly recommend this Irish
Celtic Band - from beautiful ballads to very lively hand clapping Irish
tunes. They knew and played every song we requested. Fantastic evening, -
Thank you Boston Rovers - a great time had by all!

Joanie and Frank C- 50th birthday party

Hi Aisling

Sorry I am delayed in writing to thank you all SO much for the amazing job that you did performing at the party! We have been cleaning up from the party and packing for our trip. My husband loved you all and he wants to figure out a need to hire you every year! You are extremely talented and exactly all that I hoped you would be! I am so sorry about the weather and I realized after the party that I forgot to get you an end table! So sorry! Everyone was requesting things at the same time and then it started pouring rain too! Yikes, but oh well, we all made it work!!

Christine C- 40th Birtfhday party, June 2012


It can be hard to find the "right" band, especially when you don't often
book bands for a personal event. We were searching for an authentic Irish
band and found Aisling's Music via a web search. It's tricky to know how good
the band is, and how the band will fit in with all the other festivities
going on. Will the band be good, will they blend in without taking over the
event, do they have a broad variety of songs -- these are the questions that
are hard to judge from the web. I can tell you that Aisling and her band
succeeded on all these fronts, as well as providing upbeat, humorous emcee
duty in between songs. I was especially impressed with the variety of
instruments -- mandolin, banjo, fiddle, Irish drum, tin pipe, accordion, and
of course guitars. We got a ton of positive feedback from the guests, I
would highly recommend Aisling and her companions for your next event that
requires great, authentic Irish music.


Frank - 50th Birthday party, Oct 2012


For entertainment and event planning, please call or email Aisling

Aisling Keating- Entertainment Coordinator


About Aisling | Home | Celtic Talent | Contact | Celtic Music


About Aisling | Home | Celtic Talent |Contact| Shay & Finn